At Wet ‘n Wild, there’s something wet, wild and wonderful for everyone in the family on a Best Vacations Ever promotional getaway to Orlando this summer.

When you think of summer, you want to get wet, especially when visiting the world’s most famous playground destination, Orlando, Florida, with season’s super-hot temperatures. In addition to the major theme parks, like Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando Resort® and SeaWorld Orlando®, there are numerous water parks and nearby beaches to have an absolute splash this summer. Amid all the big-name Orlando attractions and water parks stands the very first modern water park, Wet ‘n Wild Orlando, which now falls under the NBC Universal umbrella. It’s longevity, history, affordability, thrills and chills are what make it even more intriguing and enticing. When you book your Preferred Guest Resorts’ Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation package to Orlando with wallet-padding complimentary accommodations and plenty of playtime, Wet ‘n Wild is MUST-DO activity on every family vacation itinerary.

The cluster of chutes, rides and slides on Orlando’s legendary I-Drive is the granddaddy of all water parks. It was first created in 1977 by George Millay, dubbed the “Father of the Water Park, and it’s now under of the NBC Universal umbrella of parks.

The world’s first true modern water park, Wet ‘n Wild Orlando, was opened in 1977 by the late George Millay who—as a result—nabbed a Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Water Park Association and was dubbed the “Father of the Water Park.” This cluster of chutes, slides and wave pools on the bustling tourist strip, International Drive (also known as I-Drive), has been scaring the board shorts and suit bottoms off guests ever since. The so-called “screams” you hear while strolling the legendary, activity- and restaurant-packed I-Drive are actually the sounds of pure excitement and joy of visiting guests.

What Are the Best Rides at Wet ‘n Wild?

The Bomb Bay thrill ride.

To this day, Wet ‘n Wild Orlando consistently ranks as one of America’s top water parks, with something for there’s something for everyone from a relaxing lazy river, volleyball and a huge sunbathing area to Jet Ski tubing on the lake, a surf/wave lagoon, wakeboarding cableways and wild, high-speed body slides. Activities that are fun but also full of fitness benefits. There’s also a kiddie water park with rides and group rides and group rides like the Bubba Tub is a six-story, triple-dip-drop ride in a four-passenger tube. The Surge is a 4-passenger tube ride down five stories and around 600 feet of banked turns and radical twists and dips. What’s the best thrill ride? The Bomb Bay—if you dare. Guests crawl inside a coffin-size chamber and anxiously and nervously wait without warning for a trap door to open and shoot them 76 feet down this near vertical slide at miles per hour ending with a hard-core plunge into a pool below.

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Planning Ahead

Now owned by NBC Universal, Wet ‘n Wild Orlando may continue to expand. While all the major theme parks have their own water parks that may be prettier or intricately designed to go with park themes, Wet ‘n Wild Orlando holds it own and packs one heck of a punch. Standard prices run $45-$53 (child/adult) per day, but there are also Florida resident specials if you choose to take a staycation from nearby areas. No matter where you are coming from, a Best Vacations Ever promotional family vacation package brought to you by Preferred Guest Resorts allows you to come to Orlando add soak up oodles of fun under the sun, enjoy the health benefits of a vacation, and and save hundreds of dollars, with complimentary accommodations and plenty of time for numerous activities like Wet ‘n Wild.

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What is your favorite part, activity or thrill ride at Wet ‘n Wild?


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