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Where are you going on your next family vacation? Make sure you check here for the Best Vacation Tips to make sure you and your family enjoy the Best Vacation Ever!


All-New Walt Disney World Experiences & Tips from Repeat Visitors

Published on April 14, 2014,
Enjoy all the parks and new excitement and experiences at Walt Disney Resort with low-cost custom packages provided by Best Vacations Ever.

Enjoy all the parks and new excitement and experiences at Walt Disney World Resort with a low-cost promotional vacation package provided by Best Vacations Ever.

There’s no place like home, especially when it is the ever-growing Orlando, Florida. My 43-year-old friend Jay grew up in suburb of Orlando, graduating from local public schools with high honors and also from the University of Florida where he met and eventually married his wife, Carrie, many years ago. It wasn’t long before incredible work options drove them off to live amid the west coast of United States. Jay and Carrie have always been avid travelers, even with their eventual two kids in tow since your ages but who are now teenagers – a bubbly girl, Abby, and bottle-of-lightening tween boy named Jonah, both of which share their parents joy of travel and adventure. Growing up in the Orlando area, with family still here, Jay and Carrie and are well versed with Orlando and Walt Disney World® Resort, knowing and experiencing the parks many times since near inception as young ones and as adults with their children since they were all but 2 years old – their last visit to the theme parks being 5 years ago. (more…)


SeaWorld Makes Big Waves with an 18-Month Celebration

Published on April 2, 2014,
Take a Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation to enjoy the celebrations, prizes, surprises, special events and shows, and fun festivities of its 18-Month 50th Anniversary Party.

Take a Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation to enjoy the celebrations, prizes, surprises, special shows, and fun festivities of its 18-Month 50th Anniversary Party.

Get out your birthday hats, horns and balloons because one of Orlando’s big three theme parks, SeaWorld Orlando®, turned 50 in March 2014. One thing’s for sure, Orlando theme parks really know how to throw a party in grand style, and SeaWorld Orlando has already begun its whale-sized event. SeaWorld debuted 5 decades ago in San Diego, California followed by SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld San Antonio, which all have already begun SeaWorld’s 18-month “Sea of Surprises” celebration for visitors. You and your family (up to four) can visit Orlando and join all the birthday special events without all the high-cost retail travel expenses when you book one of Best Vacations Ever’s (BVE) low-cost, traveler- (more…)


Scam or Not? Technology’s Role in Perpetuating Preferred Guest Resorts/Best Vacations Ever Myths

Published on March 24, 2014,
Bestvacationsever,com home page

Despite perpetuating online myth, Best Vacations Ever is not a scam. Learn all about PGR’s 30-year history, its legitimate BVE promotional vacation packages, and the amazing destinations you can visit while saving hundreds of dollars!

The Internet is an ever-growing, and phenomenal source of information – some true; some false. Luckily, people are becoming increasingly aware that not everything you read on the Internet is true. Despite it being seemingly endless with many legitimate sources of information, this vast universe has just as many black holes of.  Many people believe that all companies and organizations are legitimate or approved by the government, which is not always true. But the proven fact is that Preferred Guest Resorts (PGR) and its Best Vacations Ever (BVE) promotional vacations are not a scam, despite a handful of negative complaints on unaccredited rip-off style websites that may come up during online business or travel searches – and proven fact is stronger than fiction. (more…)


Eye On Orlando: The Evolution of America’s Number One Playground and a Top Global Vacation Destination

Published on March 19, 2014,
The opening of the first phase of Walt Disney World Resort in combination with year-round glorious sunshine and nearby beaches helped put Orlando on the traveling vacationer's map, increasing the number of people wanting to experience the magic.

The opening of the first phase of Walt Disney World Resort in combination with year-round glorious sunshine and nearby beaches helped put Orlando on the traveling vacationer’s map, increasing the number of people wanting to experience all the thrills, chills and adventure of Central Florida.

Decades ago, Orlando was blanketed by the fragrant scent and orange eye-popping orange an yellow colors bursting out of citrus groves that went on for miles and miles. The Sunshine State was already a popular tourist destination for its year-round climate and tropical setting. Then came a mouse. Not just any mouse, but Mickey Mouse from the legendary Disney films that children and even adults hold dear to heart. He and his partner, Minnie Mouse, and the entire cast of colorful characters come to life would help create the epicenter of magical family vacations, and putting Orlando on the ultimate tourist attraction map. It was 1963 when Walt Disney, the man behind the magic, flew over Orlando via helicopter and ear-marked Orlando, Florida, to be the perfect location and home for what would become Walt Disney World®, the equivalent to what is now the Magic Kingdom® Theme Park division today, and roller coaster rides like Space Mountain were E-ticket rides out of a booklet of tickets, kind of like a fair. But it was just the beginning (more…)


The Cheapest Days to Fly & Tips for Finding the Cheapest Airfare

Published on March 7, 2014,
You can save money on airfare just by picking the right days of the week to fly and the right airports.

You can save money on airfare just by picking the right days of the week to fly and the right airports.

If you’re looking to make a spring or summer break escape, there are several tips and tricks to use when searching for deals on airfare to save you money on rates, even late spring and early summer. Unbelievably, buying your tickets several months in advance may end up costing you more money. Best Vacations Ever (BVE) and many experts boast the best time to buy airline tickets is seven to eight weeks before your departure date. It’s around this time when airlines look to fill their seats for future flights. The closer it gets to the flight, the cheaper you may find tickets, but if you wait too long, be ready to pay a premium rate (a skyrocketing high rate) if you book a flight with less than 14 days before you want to depart. Knowing when to book cheaper travel rates during the week means you can save even more than the hundreds of dollars already saved from the complimentary accommodations of a Best Vacations Ever promotional vacation package (more…)


Give Dad a Galactic Orlando Vacation for Father’s Day with Disney’s Star Wars Weekends

Published on February 27, 2014,
Dad and son take on Chewt during Star Wars Weekends

A dad and son try to meet eye to eye with Chewbacca from Star Wars; one of the many stars and characters you can meet on a Best Vacations Ever trip to Orlando during Star Wars Weekends.

If you’re thinking about the perfect, always hard-to-please man and father or grandfather in your family, or you’re a dad wanting to pick what you want to do for Father’s Day, especially if you’re a part of the huge Star Wars fan club, consider this galactic idea: An amazing, low-cost Star Wars™ Weekends vacation in Orlando, Florida, this May-June that includes complimentary accommodations typically at the spectacular Calypso Cay Resort, a Walt Disney Good Neighbor® Hotel. With a low-cost (more…)


The Newest Rides & Attractions in Orlando

Published on February 23, 2014,
Upcoming 2014 Breakaway Fall's debut at Aquatica

SeaWorld’s Aquatica is one of many in 2014′s theme-park wars to add new rides, attractions and activities to lure travelers, including BVE adventurists.

Aquatica, one of SeaWorld Orlando’s® spectacular water parks, is the latest in a long line of Orlando attractions to let press behind construction lines to see its upcoming Ihu’s Breakaway Falls — all coming attractions in a long line of what has been dubbed the Orlando 2014 theme-park wars. Far from stagnant, Orlando is always ever-changing, but this year, it’s bursting with new rides and attractions at many theme parks and attractions that are all battling for you’re your attention and visitation with new rides and attractions. New additions and previews at the many Orlando parks and attractions are tantalizing and enticing travelers to visit their attractions. In some cases, such as the massive expansion of Universal Orlando Resort® and addition of Daigon Alley and (more…)


Magical Orlando Vacations with Universal’s Harry Potter Daigon Alley Expansion in Summer 2014

Published on February 16, 2014,
The Wizarding World of Harry Pottter at Universal Studios in Orlando.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios is just one of the many attractions and activities, including the upcoming, long-anticipated Daigon Alley Expansion slated for possibly June 2014 are reasons to book your Best Vacations Ever trip to Orlando NOW!

Muggles, mudbloods, magic and much more make up the magnificence behind the Harry Porter series. Many of us and the characters have spent the better part of 10 years growing up with author J.K. Rowling’s infectious book series and its 8 films over the last decade that has developed a huge population of die-hard fans of all ages. Rowling’s amazing storytelling and uniquely brilliant mind to create such a magical, creative and intriguing story created a huge following that still captures the hearts of new generations. With film set designers and her collaboration, Rowling’s visions were brought to life at Universal Studios Orlando© Resort, a huge draw still for travelers. Now, people of all ages are anxiously awaiting this summer’s 2014 for the massive Daigon Alley expansion that Universal Orlando Resort has already (more…)


Cure Your Travel Bug with BVE’s Top Picks!

Published on February 8, 2014,
Tropical beach vacations, like Coast Rica with Best Vacation Ever

When you’re itching to get away and relax, the most affordable, intriguing and exciting way to travel is with low-cost Best Vacations Ever vacation packages.

If you’re sick of the daily grind, exhausted, overworked, stressed or even just itching to get away, you’ve got the travel bug. Your diagnosis is an affordable, relaxing, exciting vacation with Best Vacations Ever (BVE) provided by 30-year travel-leader Preferred Guest Resorts, which travels tens of thousands of families every year with legitimate, slashed-price vacation packages to amazing destinations that typically include complimentary accommodations. Call 800-656-2780, visit bestvacationsever.com for vacation destinations and information, and then GO TRAVEL! Here are BVE’s top picks to cure your travel bug with incredible, extremely affordable vacations: (more…)


Affordable Last-Minute Romantic Getaways & Staycations

Published on January 25, 2014,
Pigeon Forge: Last-minute affordable getaways are just around the corner with Best Vacations Eve

Last-minute affordable getaways are just around the corner with Best Vacations Ever.

Think it’s too late and too expensive whisk your sweetheart off on a romantic getaway? Well, it’s not! Travel hunting can be so disorienting, but not when there are plenty of affordable Best Vacations Ever (BVE) custom vacation packages to several destinations that typically include free accommodations, other possible incentives like an Alamo® rental car, which allows you to jump in the car and go if you pick a nearby destination rather than pay high airfare rates. But with hundreds in lodging savings, you can apply that money to flight fares and still come out on top of your travel budget. You can take the hundreds of dollars in savings to buy flight tickets, or you can consider driving (more…)